South Something

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An Autobiographical  Story by Claire Baldry


South Something is a short autobiographical novel by Claire Baldry. It tells how two children met on a beach in Suffolk in 1964, and follows their separate lives until a series of events bring about a second meeting forty years later.  The book has strong links with Southwold and with Bexhill and was published on Amazon at the end of September 2016. All profits are donated to Diabetes UK. Please feel free to contact Claire with feedback about the novel or about the excerpts included in this website.

Audrey Young

Hilton Young

A Post War Wedding

Sensible Footwear

" We are all victims of our parents. However loving and nurturing our mother and father have been, the desire to please combined with the need to break away, pulls us apart. It is a conflict from which we rarely recover. In this respect Claire was not unusual. She was the younger daughter of a comissioned ex-serviceman father, discharged post war into a sales career, and a talented opera singing mother who, out of duty, chose domesticity and depression over Glyndebourne. This background provided the framework for a unique life story, in which Claire met and fell in love with CJ…..not once, but twice. "







“Just finished it all in one sitting! It made me gasp, laugh and tug at the heart strings as I progressed through the story. Love it”



South Something is now available on Amazon for 99p Click Here