South Something

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The Executive


About the Author

Ex Headteacher and University Tutor, Claire Baldry is a writer and public speaker who lives on the Sussex Coast. Until recently most of her work has been amusing poetry which is published in four booklets and available in Starlings Gifts in Bexhill and on Amazon. Claire is a great favourite with Silversurfers and was listed in the top 100 Poetry Rivals 2015.  


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8th (37)

South Something is Claire's first novella. It takes about two hours to read.


The book is based on a true story.

The entire narrative has also, of course, been filtered through the perceptions and opinions of the writer and the people she spoke to. Some names have been changed to protect people’s privacy. Occasional items have been omitted or glossed over to prevent causing distress to third parties. Gaps in participant’s memory of fine detail have been filled in with fiction by the author. However, the main storyline consists of events which really happened.

All profits from the first edition of the ebook will be donated to Diabetes UK.