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By cbaldry, Mar 6 2018 09:03AM

If you enjoyed reading South Something, then you might want to head over to Amazon and have a look at my first full length novel, called 'Different Genes'. It is available in print and kindle, and was published by Matador in October 2017. It is entirely fictional, but you might spot some of the inspiration for the book in South Something.

By cbaldry, Feb 8 2017 09:57AM

It's finished....a proper novel length fiction novel, which I have give given the title 'Different Genes'. Some very kind friends are proof reading it for me, after which I will decide how to proceed. Writing 'South Something' was part of my apprenticeship for this next novel, my first real full length work of fiction. I am impatient to see it in print.

By cbaldry, Oct 30 2016 03:40PM

Thank you to everyone who has so far purchased my ebook. I am especially grateful to those readers who have messaged me positive comments. It has given me the confidence to start writing a 'full length' novel. If you have enjoyed 'South Something' please take the time to review the book on the Amazon site, as people do use your comments when deciding which book to purchase .

By cbaldry, Sep 29 2016 06:25PM

Earlier than is the link

By cbaldry, Sep 29 2016 05:04PM

The Book has been sent to Amazon. There are still a couple of formatting glitches, but I hope I am forgiven. It can take up to 3 days to appear.

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